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The most common thing we get asked is 'Which camera has the best video quality?' 

Nearly all cameras now offer some level of HD quality, but there are big differences between the same resolutions on different camera traps. 

Video quality is one of the main features that has undergone massive improvement since we at NatureSpy started camera trapping. 

As of 2017, Browning and Bushnell have released cameras that have 'Smart' video - they use the PIR sensors to determine if an animal or human is still present, and regulate video length accordingly, up to a certain maximum depending on the camera.

These new cameras have also switched to a 12V system, rather than the conventional 6V. This means the cameras use a little more power, but the night video is vastly improved. 

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps with great video quality...

Hands-down the best video quality available on any camera trap. Coupled with its impressive trigger speed and affordable price, the Recon Force Advantage is hard to beat

 The same great video quality as the Recon Force Advantage, but with no-glow LEDs. Slightly reduced flash range, but important if your camera needs to be covert

Any of the 2017 Bushnell Aggressor will give you very good quality 1080p HD video, with smart video length too
An affordable way to access great video quality - 720p, and particularly good at night

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