Bushnell... At a Glance

Bushnell is one of the most well-known and popular trail camera brands on the market.

They have a well-designed durable and robust case, easy-to-navigate settings, fantastic battery life, great trigger reliability and excellent video quality (720p or 1080p HD).

Image quality varies between models from 8MP to 24MP after interpolation.

They are extremely hardy and able to resist both low and high temperatures very well. You may have also spotted them on many natural history programmes.

Additional features of some models:

• A wireless model (Bushnell Trophy Cam Wireless)

• Hand-held colour viewing screen and lens attachments (Bushnell NatureView Live View) to give you’re wildlife watching a bit of a twist!


Varies from around £130 to £280 and in our opinion are great value for money.

We use them...

... for most of our project work.

Their reliability, sturdiness, battery life and video quality make them our go-to product.

Examples of photo/image quality can be seen from on the product pages or from our iWild North Wales ProjectYorkshire Pine Marten Project or YouTube channel.

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