Collection: Wireless Wildlife Cameras

Wireless wildlife cameras are a fast growing area in the world of wildlife watching. By wireless, we mean that you can access the wildlife camera's images remotely via WiFi or 4G, without needing to physically go to the camera itself. The main advantage of a wireless wildlife camera is their ability to transmit images instantly to your phone or tablet. Whether you’re in the field, at home, or at work, if your camera captures something, you’ll know about it. Some wifi wildlife cameras also send videos or offer live streaming straight to your device.

Wireless trail cameras are ideal for less accessible areas, or areas that need monitoring without disturbance. They’re also handy for situations where you need to be alerted the moment an animal arrives. This makes them a great choice for surveying or monitoring purposes. Like all the cameras we stock, our wireless cams have excellent motion detection range, black and white night vision capabilities, and fast trigger speeds. Many of our cameras also come with a free memory card. Check the product pages for more information about individual specifications. 

Many cameras (such as the SpyPoint cameras) come with the SIM cards and need to be activated via an app. The app can also be used to change the settings remotely, making it easy to adjust things like sensitivity without visiting the camera. It’s worth noting that all non-WiFi wireless trap cameras will have ongoing costs for the network or app.

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