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Browning is one of the most popular camera trap manufacturers in the USA, which means we're proud to be the main UK supplier. Their reputation is built on high-quality trail cameras at affordable prices, with each having a 2-year warranty included. Usually, you'll be paying around £120 to £250 for a Browning trail camera or camera trap.

Several new Browning camera traps have been released in both 2017 and 2018. They boast exciting innovations, such as Smart IR video and dual lens technology. The video quality, definition and audio on the Recon Force and Spec Ops Advantage cameras are excellent. We think it's the best available on any camera trap at the moment.

All models also have some of the best trigger speeds as well, not just for photos but for videos too. This makes them a great choice for lots of applications.

Our Favourites

We absolutely love the video and audio quality on the Recon Force and Spec Ops Advantage cameras, while the Strike Force HD Pro is extremely versatile. They have fast trigger speeds and forward-facing colour screens, which are very useful to wildlife watchers.

The Recon Force & Spec Ops Advantage cameras are currently being inserted into our 3 year Yorkshire Pine Marten Support Programme. They are also used by our research partners Bioterra in Croatia, where they are looking for wolves, bears and lynx!

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