Best camera trap for security

Camera Traps for Security

Camera traps are increasingly used for remote security or monitoring for criminal activity. We have plenty of experience in this sector, including with the Police, councils, and security organisations, and we're happy to advise clients on the best options.

Generally, the first requirement is a camera with no-glow LEDs, so the cameras can't be spotted. You could mount the camera out of reach if a no-glow LED option doesn't suit your needs. After that, the main considerations should be image/video quality (for identifying people) and battery life.

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps suitable for security...

The small, affordable wireless camera trap well suited for security. 4G connection on o2 network for fast image transmission and controlled via a smartphone/tablet app with strong detection circuit
A small, modern, versatile no-glow camera - outstanding battery life, super-fast trigger speeds, and a tiny unit make this a great all-rounder for security

 No-glow LEDs, fast triggers and the best quality 1080p video quality for better evidence collection.

A popular and affordable choice for security. Picture quality is good, and a wide-angle lens gives large field of view. There are better cameras available, but if you're on a budget this is a decent choice

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