Best camera trap for security

Camera traps for security

A major use for camera traps is for remote security or monitoring for crime. 

Camera traps today are being used more and more for this function, and we've had plenty of experience advising customers on their best options, including large organisations and the Police. 

Generally, the first requirement is a camera with no-glow LEDs - so the cameras can't be spotted - unless you are mounting the camera out of easy reach.

After that, the main considerations are usually image/video quality (for identifying people) and battery life.

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps suitable for security...

A popular and affordable choice for security. Picture quality is good, and a wide-angle lens gives large field of view. There are better cameras available, but if you're on a budget this is a decent choice

 No-glow LEDs and fantastic video quality for better evidence collection. Built-in playback screen to review footage on site and SD card cycling

Our top recommendation for a wireless security camera. No-glow LEDs and can send either a photo of the first frame of a HD video to up to 5 email addresses, real time. Hi-res images or video is recorded to the SD card, and has a colour screen for playback. Requires SIM card
The no-glow version of the Strike Force HD Pro - outstanding battery life, super-fast trigger speeds, and a tiny unit make this a great all-rounder for security

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