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With lightning trigger speeds and a great battery life, SpyPoint camera traps are increasingly being chosen in the UK. They're an established brand in the USA and Canada, with excellent daytime image quality. This does vary by model, with 10MP (Force 10), 11MP (Force 11D) and 12MP (Solar) cameras available. Video quality is consistent, with all models providing 720p HD video.

All models also have outstanding photo trigger speed. The Force 11D and Solar models are currently the fastest camera traps on the market. Video trigger speeds are similar to the Browning models. They are also one of the most power efficient camera trap brands available today, as they're capable of more than a year’s battery life under normal usage (using lithium batteries).

The cost of each model varies between £130 - £220. Wireless models can reach £500+ due to their extra functionality.

Our Favourites

There tends to be a high amount of motion blur on images, so they are best used if you need to prioritise battery life and trigger speeds. If you need to catch a fast-moving animal, these trail cameras are perfect. The following SpyPoint trail camera features are unique:

- A 60-second countdown on the screen once you tell the camera to start.
- The cameras have a curved motion sensor which improves the detection angle and distance of its five detection zones.
- Certain models include a built-in solar panel - an exciting, bold innovation. The solar panel doesn’t need direct sunlight, it can charge off any natural light that is present. This makes it perfect for UK weather!

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