Reconyx Trail Cameras... At a Glance

Reconyx have a reputation for high-end products, suitable for almost any monitoring purpose - wildlife or security.

They have long been used as the standard in scientific and ecological research, due to their reliability, detection, trigger speeds (for photos particularly) and reliability.

These are the only cameras designed and built in the USA, and the only ones that come with a 5 year warranty - such is the confidence in their camera traps.

Already an established and popular brand in the USA & Canada, SpyPoint models are increasingly being chosen in the UK for their lightning trigger speeds and battery life.

Reconyx are also no nonsense - they don't put elaborate specifications on their cameras to confuse users. Just straight up, what you see is what you get.

For example, Reconyx don't use interpolation on their images like all other manufacturers do - so image resolution is 3MP native (all cameras are 2-5MP native, regardless of the highest size they offer on the box).

They have among the fastest photo and video trigger speeds available today, coupled with some of the best battery life available - especially for photos.


Because of all the above, Reconyx are certainly premium trail cameras, and generally start at £330 as a minimum.

We use them...

... We're currently testing the 2018 Reconyx Hyperfire 2, released Spring 2018 - there first revision of their most successful model.

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