Primos... At a Glance

Primos pride themselves on being one of the easiest camera traps to use. Their design revolves around this completely - they want you to pick up the camera, select what you want, and be away. And it really is that easy on these cameras. 

Picture quality in particular, as well as fast photo trigger speeds, are the main feature of these cameras - daytime photo quality is amongst the best, particularly on the Proof 02 and 03 cameras. The Proof 03 also have amongst the best night photos - which is impressive considering the Primos camera traps are amongst the more affordable end of the market. 

The Proof Cam 03 also has 60 No-Glow LEDs - giving it an impressive no-glow flash range. 

The Primos cameras are also well-built, and come with a 2 year warranty when bought through NatureSpy. 

All have 1280 x 720p video resolution too. If you're looking for a simple-to-use, affordable camera with strong flash range and great photo quality - it's hard to look past the Primos camera traps. 


Varies from around £100 to £130.

We use them...

... for when a good photo is needed, particularly with a fast-moving animal - taking advantage of the photo trigger speeds these camera's offer. 

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