Wireless camera traps... At a Glance

Wireless camera traps take camera trapping to the next level - they send you images wireless via either MMS messages or email, from potentially anywhere in the world.

That means they've become incredibly useful tools for almost real-time wildlife monitoring and protection, but also security purposes. They can be set up pretty much anywhere providing there is reception for the mobile network you are using.

Images generally take about 10-30 seconds to transmit providing you have good mobile reception. The 4G SpyPoint cameras are even faster.

Please note that you would need a SIM Card from your desired network provider (we recommend EE) to send images from the camera. However, the SpyPoint Link cameras come with pre-activated SIM Cards, and the option of free data plans - costing no extra.

Additional features of some models:

• Pre-activated for super-fast set up, and free plans (SpyPoint Link-Evo, Link-Dark and Link-S)

• Send full-size images or video footage (up to 50mb) (Ltl Acorn 6310MG-3G)


As these are essentially a camera trap + a mobile phone, the cost is higher than a conventional camera trap - prices vary from around £200 to £400.

You would also have the additional cost of your mobile network provider or camera plan to consider.

We use them...

For real-time wildlife monitoring, and occasionally for the security of other equipment.

Need more info?

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