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It's often difficult to choose a camera based solely on image quality, as the way they take pictures changes as technology develops. Currently, many of them use image interpolation, which is the process of turning a 3 megapixel (MP) image into a 20MP photo.

To do this, the camera processes the original image by adding similar coloured pixels around an original pixel to boost the resolution/size of the image. On some cameras, this works well, yet many have problems with it. It may make images look grainy and distorted.

However, you should experience great image quality from the following camera traps, which we'd recommend as the best trail cameras of 2019 for images. These cameras have been handpicked by our experts for the high-quality images that they produce.

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps with great image quality...

Browning's big-hitter - really solid photos any time of the day or night with quick trigger speeds to boot
With Dual Sensors (lenses) so one tuned to day and one to night imagery, whatever the situation, the pics and videos are crisp and clear

 This innovative Browning offers great photo quality, fast trigger speeds and long photo-battery life

This high-end Reconyx Hyperfire 2 is a photo taking machine - great quality day and night, with incredible photo battery life

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