SpyPoint Link Micro LTE S Security box

SpyPoint Security Box

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  • Added protection for your SpyPoint camera trap
  • Different sizes available - select from the dropdown (camera list in description)
  • Strong steel construction
  • Requires padlock or Masterlock Cable lock

The SpyPoint Security Boxes provides an additional steel protection for your SpyPoint camera trap. The faceplate is removable so the camera trap can be opened, rather than having to remove the camera trap completely from the box.

The security box can be locked using a standard padlock or a MasterLock Python cable. (Padlocks and cables are not included.)

What size do I need?

If you have or are ordering a SpyPoint Flex you will need the Flex security box (CLB-61090).

If you have or are ordering a Link Micro S model you will need the Link-Micro S security box (CLB-61051).

You can find our SpyPoint trail camera range here. 

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