Masterlock 8mm Python Cable Lock Keyed Alike

Masterlock 8mm Python Cable Lock (Keyed Alike)

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  • 8mm thick vinyl coated braided steel cable
  • Keyed Alike*
  • 1.8 metres long
  • Weather and rust resistant lock body and cable
  • Fits most camera traps
  • Quick and easy locking in the field

The Masterlock 8mm Python Cable Lock can be used to secure your camera trap to fenceposts, trees, gates - pretty much wherever you plan on putting it.

*All Keyed Alike to key number 399. Any quantity of locks can be opened with the same key. 2 keys provided with each lock. 

Perfect if you need more than 1 lock and only want to use 1 key, or share keys with other team members.

This cable natively fits all Browning, Reconyx, SpyPoint & Bushnell Trail Cameras and their security boxes.

It has an adjustable locking cable that holds tight at any length, reducing the risk of theft of your field equipment. The integrated pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism provides superior pick resistance and the lock is supplied with 2 keys.

These are the python cables that we use at NatureSpy in our own fieldwork.

It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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