Browning trail camera solar panel power pack

Browning Solar Panel Power Pack

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  • Solar panel for use with all Browning Trail Cameras*
  • Includes 6x rechargeable AA batteries
  • Can be mounted to a tree or mounted on a tripod
  • Adjustable to soak up more sunlight!
  • Eco-friendly way to power your camera trap

The Browning Solar Panel Power Pack provides a long-term and eco-friendly way to power your Browning camera trap.

It comes with 6x high-capacity rechargeable batteries, and plugs into the external power socket on the base of your Browning camera - providing a consistent power source.

The solar panel comes with a strap to mount on a tree or post, and can also be tripod mounted. The cable to attach the panel to the camera is 90cm in length.

It has an adjustable bracket so it can easily be angled to soak up the most sunlight possible.

Although not required, we do recommend also having batteries in the camera itself to act as a backup. The cameras will firstly draw from the solar panel. If the solar panel power dips too low, the camera would then revert to its internal batteries.

*Please note, the solar panel is not compatible with the Browning Defender models.

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