Browning external power battery pack

Browning External Power Pack

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  • Extend the battery life of your Browning camera
  • Fits all Browning cameras with external power jack
  • Provides extra power from 8x AA batteries
  • Includes strap and power cord
  • Built-in battery meter
The Browning Trail Camera External Power Pack doubles the power available to your camera - so you can leave it for longer without worrying about the batteries.

The power pack provides space for 8x AA batteries (not included) in a durable weatherproof enclosure. The power pack comes with a nylon webbing strap and is well camouflaged, and the batteries are inserted via a tray.

With the power pack attached to your camera via the supplied cord, your camera will initially use the batteries inside the camera and then revert to the power pack once those run out. This makes it perfect for long-term monitoring or security camera set-ups.

When you insert the cord into the camera, a quick twist means it is locked inside so no animals or debris can dislodge it. It also has a battery meter for quickly checking the power you have left. 

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