Browning trail camera trap tree mount

Camera Tree Mount

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  • Made by Browning
  • Fits any camera with a standard tripod socket
  • All steel construction
  • Includes 2 straps and gimbal mount

The Browning Trail Camera Tree Mount ensures you never have to compromise with getting the shot you want. Attach to any crooked tree or awkward fence post and use the gimbal mount to face the camera trap exactly the way you want.

The camera attaches to the mount using the tripod screw at the base of every Browning camera(except the Browning Defender cameras), and will also fit any other non-Browning trail cameras* with a tripod insert.

It also comes with 2 nylon webbing straps and has an all-steel construction for maximum lifespan and durability. 

*This mount is not suitable for use with the WiFi WildCam 2 due to the positioning of the tripod insert on this camera.

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