Small Mammal Box


  • Capture small mammals close up
  • Sturdy construction with clear plastic acrylic roof
  • Comes with close focus lens and bungee cords
  • Instructions on setting up provided
  • Handmade to order
  • Only works with certain models – check below
Please note that delivery for this item is approx. 2-5 days as it is made to order.
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Product Description

Every single purchase from the NatureSpy shop helps us continue our non-profit work around the UK. Thanks for your support!

NatureSpy have teamed up with North East Scotland Camera Trapping to offer this fantastic small mammal box – perfect for capturing small mammals up close and in extraordinary detail.

The box is constructed with strong timber and has a clear acrylic plastic roof to let maximum light in during the day and also protect any food left out for visitors.

At one end is the opening for critters to come in and at the other is where to place your camera trap (not provided). The camera trap can then be secured using the supplied bungee cords.

The small mammal boxes can attract an amazing array of wildlife that it is otherwise hard to capture using a camera trap – from woodmice and voles to small birds and even weasels and stoats (have a look at some clips on the ‘Example pics & vids’ tab).

Camera traps all have a fixed focal range that is usually around +1m, so you can use the supplied close-focus lens to capture maximum detail. See the ‘Example pics & vids’ tab for examples.

Every box ordered helps support both NatureSpy and North East Scotland Camera Trapping’s non-profit work.

Small Mammal Box includes:

  • Fully constructed small mammal box
  • 2 Bungee cords to secure your camera trap
  • 1 close focus (+4 strength) lens
  • Instructions and tips for setting up

Please note that not all models of camera trap will fit the small mammal box. Models known to work are:

Bushnell; 119467, 119567, 119439, 119440, 119438, 119676, 119677, 119774, 119775, 119776, 119777, 119739, 119740, 119736.

Ltl Acorn: 5210a, 6210MC.

You can also read a NatureSpy interview with North East Scotland Camera Trapping, including more about their small mammal box, here.

Example weasel footage (courtesy of North East Scotland Camera Trapping):

(be sure to watch in full HD)



Example small mammal footage (courtesy of North East Scotland Camera Trapping):

(be sure to watch in full HD)


Example pictures:

(Please note; the level of detail you achieve is dependent on the specs of your camera trap)

Woodmouse (using Bushnell No-Glow Aggressor)


Blue tit (using Bushnell No-Glow Aggressor)


Squirrel (using Bushnell No-Glow Aggressor)



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