Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Covert IR


  • Current, up-to-date model
  • 0.2 second trigger speeds for photo and video
  • Up to 90 images per trigger + video
  • 720p HD Video
  • Long range No-Glow IR LEDs
  • Incredible photo battery life of up to 40,000 images (Lithium)
  • 5 year warranty
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Why choose NatureSpy for the Reconyx HyperFire 2 HF2X review

Reconyx HyperFire 2 – Our Rating:Reconyx HyperFire 2 trail camera review


The Reconyx HyperFire 2 is a high-end, high performance trail camera. This thing is a photo taking machine, with incredible stamina, battery life and photo quality.

Night time pictures are the best available currently, and day time aren’t far behind.

Trigger speeds are lightning for both photo and video at 0.2 seconds, meaning it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever miss anything with this camera.

Video quality is the only thing the HyperFire 2 falls down on – not full HD, not 30fps, but not terrible.

Battery life is groundbreaking on a set of Lithiums; able to take between 30,000-40,000 photos – very impressive, and leagues ahead of any other camera trap.

It is also backed up with a 5 year warranty. That said, you’d expect all this for the cost, and around twice the price of most other trail cameras.

It is an outstanding trail camera – just a shame the video quality isn’t great. We give it a 9 out of 10.

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Video quality
Max res: 720p (20fps)   Max length: 2mins day, 20 secs night
Trigger speed: about 0.2 seconds   Recovery time: about 1 second Hybrid mode: Yes

The video quality is the one thing that lets this camera down. It’s pretty average at best. You can still absolutely tell whats happening, identify species, behaviours etc, but it doesn’t blow you away.

Please note however that YouTube compresses Reconyx videos more than usual, leading to a loss of quality and playback at 480p. In reality, the video quality is better than in the examples below.

What does work well however is the hybrid mode. The camera can do up to 90 photos and then do a video (realistically, you’d just use 3-10 photos per trigger) – and this video starts immediately where the last photo left off – no delay.

Photo quality
Max res: 3MP   Max number per trigger: 90 photos
Trigger speed: 0.2 seconds   Recovery time: about 1 second

Photos are absolutely what this camera is about. The quality is great, day or night, and it can fire them off at a rate that no other camera can match.

Don’t let the megapixel rating fool you – all other cameras use interpolation to artificially boost the sizes of the images, but Reconyx don’t do that. The image quality on this HyperFire 2 at 3MP compared to a Bushnell Aggressor at 24MP for example is much, much better.

It can take up to 90 photos per trigger if you really want it to as well – we found that using 10 photos per trigger generally worked best however.

Trigger speed and detection
Trigger speed: approx. 0.2s (photos), 0.2s (videos)   Recovery speed 1s
Detection range: approx. 80ft   LED type: No-Glow LEDs

The Reconyx HyperFire 2 is one of the fastest camera traps on the market. The speeds on both photos and video triggers are lightning quick, making it very unlikely you’ll miss anything with this camera.

Detection, from the five-zone detection circuit, is very good and it consistently detects out to around 80ft for a human or deer sized animal. The camera has a number of sensitivity options to tweak this detection for your requirements.

Build quality & batteries
Warranty: 5 years (through NatureSpy)   Batteries: 12x AA (Only Lithium or NiMh)

A big headline on this camera is the battery life. There is no other camera with better battery life for photos. It can take 30-40,000 photos on one set of Lithium AA – seriously impressive. Taking around 60 photos every 24 hours, that gives approximately about a year and a half’s battery life.

Video battery life is a bit more average, at about 3 months taking around 30 videos a day.

The case of the camera is strong and it can endure all weathers without issue. It feels very well built (Reconyx cameras are made in USA) and Reconyx back this with their 5 year warranty – the longest available on a trail camera.

The loop for a Masterlock on the front of the camera is also a nice touch, meaning that you don’t need a separate lock to lock the camera shut.

The screen is no frills, and it can take a bit of practice to navigate the menu. There are a lot of options depending on your requirements, but once its set up its easy to use.

One nice feature is the CodeLoc – this means that you can’t activate or use the camera at all without inputting a pin code.

Ease of use

As this is a high-end camera, there are more options than on most cameras, and the small screen makes it a little harder to programme than something like a Browning Advantage camera.

That said, it still isn’t difficult. Once the date and time are set, it is generally intuitive and the camera comes with a very detailed menu.

We’re also on hand to help should you need it.

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Product Description

Browning why choose NatureSpy


Reconyx Hyperfire 2 Trail Camera

The Reconyx HyperFire 2 trail camera us their long-awaited update to the HyperFire line and with some really eye-catching details.

Firstly, the trigger speeds are outstanding – about 0.25 seconds for both photos and videos. Thats certainly good for photos, but outstanding to have the same speed for videos too.

Battery life for photos is something else too – the HyperFire 2 can take over 40,000 images on one set of Lithium batteries. It has comfortably the best photo battery life on the market, by some margin, and also takes up to a 512GB SD card. It can also take up to 90 images per trigger. Which is a lot.

The HyperFire 2 also has a big no-glow IR flash range, thanks to 12 long-range LEDs of up to 45m. It has the biggest no-glow IR flash range of any camera trap on the market today. Coupled with the amazing photo battery life, that is seriously impressive.

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Importantly, as with other Reconyx, the camera only takes either single-use Lithium or NiMh Rechargeable batteries.

Also as with other Reconyx trail cameras, they don’t artificially inflate the sizes of images and videos with interpolation. The HyperFire 2 offers 3MP images either fullscreen or widescreen, and Reconyx have a new image sensor in the HyperFire 2 which offers high definition photos.

The image quality is really good day and night, with pretty much no motion blur – especially impressive from a No-Glow trail camera.

Videos are 720p HD and are decent quality with good audio although frame rates are capped at 20fps, which is pretty low by today’s standards. If top video quality is your number 1 priority in a wildlife camera trap, the HyperFire 2 is comfortably outflanked by the Browning Recon Force and Spec Ops cameras.

The internal screen is a small backlit LCD display, not offering any playback etc. The Reconyx HyperFire 2 does however have plenty of options for customising the setup, which means you can get it to do pretty much exactly what you want – it certainly doesn’t feel like there are any limitations in the setup options. You can check out the manual, which has the setup options, here.

One of the other big headlines is that Reconyx really back their cameras – and the HyperFire 2 is no different, with a 5 year warranty offered as standard.

This trail camera also has Reconyx’s CodeLoc feature, which when turned on means you can set a passcode which is required to access and turn on the camera – meaning if it’s stolen, it’s useless.

Reconyx HyperFire 2 features:
  • Image Resolution: 1080P HD Wide Screen or 3 Mega-pixel Standard Aspect Ratio
  • Video: 720P HD Video with Audio
  • Video Length: Up to 90 Seconds
  • IR Flash: No-Glow™ High Output Covert IR
  • Flash Range: Up to 150 feet
  • Dimensions: 5.5″H x 4.5″W x 2.5″D
  • PIR Detect Range: Up to 80ft
  • RapidFire™ Near-Video Speed: Up to 2 frames per second
  • Photos per Trigger: 1 to 90 images per trigger
  • Memory Card Capacity: Up to 512GB
  • Battery Requirements: NiMH Rechargeable or 1.5 volt Lithium only
  • Battery Quantity / Size: 12 AA
  • Theft Deterrence: CodeLoc™ Pass-Code Protection
  • SD card slot (512 GB max.)
  • Weatherproof and temperature range of -40° to +60° Celsius (° -40° to +140° Fahrenheit)
  • 5 year warranty

For full specs, click the tab above.

Key Features:


Model: Reconyx HyperFire 2 (HF2X)


Image Resolution: 1080P HD Wide Screen or 3 Mega-pixel Standard Aspect Ratio
Video: 720P HD Video with Audio
Video Length: Up to 90 Seconds
Illumination: No-Glow™ High Output Covert IR
Flash Range: Up to 150 feet
Product Warranty: 5 years
Dimensions: 5.5″H x 4.5″W x 2.5″D
Operating Temperature: -40° to +140° Fahrenheit
Illumination On/Off Option: Included
Mapping & Image Management Software: MapView™ Professional & Configuration Software
User Defined Metadata in MapView™: Included
Metadata Export from MapView™: Included
Image Detail: Color by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night
Trigger Speed: 1/4th second
PIR Detect Range: Up to 80ft
RapidFire™ Near-Video Speed: Up to 2 frames per second
Frame Rate: RapidFire™ to 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min between images
Photos per Trigger: 1 to 90 images per trigger
Delay After Triggering: 0,5,10,15,30 sec, 1,2,3,5,10,15,30,45 min, 1 hour
Start Delay: Set Start Date
Motion Sensor Scheduling: ON or OFF and Scheduled operation by day
Time-Lapse Surveillance: 5,6,10,12,15,20,30 sec, 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30 min, 1,2,3,4,6,8,12, 24 Hour
Time-Lapse Scheduling: AM Period in hours & PM Period in hours
Loop Recording: Included
Memory Card Type: Secure Digital (SD® or SDHC®, SDXC®)
Memory Card Capacity: Up to 512GB
Image Data: Time, Date, Temperature, User Label and Moon Phase
Battery Life: Up to 40,000 images or 2 years
Battery Requirements: NiMH Rechargeable or 1.5volt Lithium only
Battery Quantity / Size: 12 AA
Camera Settings: Available options are set on Camera or with the included Software
Customization: Custom Focus
Theft Deterrence: CodeLoc™ Pass-Code Protection

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