Ltl Acorn 6310MG (Cellular)

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  • Sends pictures direct to your phone or email!
  • 3G versions new for 2017
  • 3G versions can also send video
  • On-demand email support available
  • LCD Screen Built in
  • 44 infrared LEDs
  • Holds max of 12 AA batteries (can run from just 4)
Wireless cameras can be difficult to set up correctly. We provide dedicated support for these cameras when you order from us.



Product Description

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Remember, when you purchase any camera trap from us you also have the answers to any questions you may have through our dedicated email supportyour direct line to an expert wildlife biologist.

All our Ltl Acorn camera traps are genuine. Find out how to avoid counterfeit Ltl Acorns online with our guide.

The new Ltl Acorn 6310MG series wildlife camera trap combines the extra infrared power of the 5310 series (44 infrared LEDs) and the 6210 series’ ability to record video at 1080P HD quality.

This is the cellular or wireless version of the Ltl Acorn 6310 series. The 6310MG can be set up to send images directly to your mobile phone via MMS or to your email address. Not only great for wildlife monitoring, but ideal for surveillance of antisocial or criminal activities (requires sim card – not included).

There are three options for this camera;

  • 2G version; this can send thumbnail pictures only, via the 2G networks
  • 3G-Basic version; this sends a thumbnail picture initially, but a full resolution image or video (up to 50mb) can be requested via SMS command
  • 3G version; this automatically sends either 3 full-resolution photos or video (up to 50mb) automatically per trigger

The 6310MG also has no cables at all and gives no external sign that it is active, so is completely covert.

The Ltl Acorn 6310MG can also record audio.

The build has changed slightly too, with the LCD screen now on the back of the camera underneath a drop down door.

The Ltl Acorn 6310MG is equipped with 44 ‘No-Glow’ LEDs, meaning that the LEDs do not glow at all during operation.

The camera holds 12 AA batteries, though can run off just 4 if desired. It is recommended you do not use Duracell branded batteries in the wireless versions of these cameras, as the batteries power saving technology makes the camera think there is not enough power available. Lithium batteries are strongly recommended for wireless cameras.

The Ltl Acorn 6310MG can also take high-quality 12MP photos. Not only this, but the Ltl Acorn 6310MG camera trap also has superb prep motion sensors. These side or prep sensors are designed to prepare the camera in advance so that it is ready to shoot as the subject moves into the lens view, meaning you get optimum recorded footage of the animal or subject.

The Ltl Acorn 6310MG also has password protection, 32G max SD card storage (not included), time & date stamping, timer recording and even a timelapse feature that allows you to tell the camera to take a shot/video at set intervals regardless of whether any movement has been detected.

The amazing thing is that this feature packed trail camera comes in a palm size casing of just 14cm x 8cm x 6cm! Often known as a game camera, scouting camera, hunting camera or wildlife camera trap – this device is also used extensively for video surveillance in remote areas where connection to mains power is not possible or practical.

This camera also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Find out how NatureSpy use Ltl Acorn camera traps on the ‘What we think’ tab above.

Not sure which is the right Ltl Acorn for you? Use our quick and easy model comparison

NatureSpy have used Ltl Acorn camera traps for a long time. Their versatility, excellent list of features and affordability means they are an ideal place to start if you’re interested in camera trapping.

Ltl Acorn camera trap 5210a

The Ltl Acorn 5210a camera traps were used when our Yorkshire Pine Marten Project first started – you may have spotted them when we were on BBC Look North!

Pictures from our Ltl Acorn cameras have appeared in the Yorkshire Post, The Northern Echo, BBC Wildlife Magazine and on ITV Calendar.

One of the best qualities of these cameras is the 12MP images. These give a clarity that many other camera trap models don’t offer.

Fox on Ltl Acorn 5210a

We always set the camera to take 3 pictures per trigger, and the images are taken at 4 second intervals after the first trigger.

You can see lots of camera trap images from NatureSpy’s Ltl Acorn cameras on our ‘Species Spied‘ pages.

The video quality is generally good across the range and at this price level. If video quality is really important to you, there are likely to be better choices within reach – such as the Bushnell Essential E3, SpyPoint Force 10 or Browning cameras.

Ltl acorn camera trap frost

Some of the Ltl Acorns (5610 series) have two separate configurable timers – great for if you don’t want the camera to be active at certain periods of the day. We use these timers when we have these cameras on schools, playgrounds or gardens, with the timer set to avoid the period where human activity is highest.

The built-in colour screen is also very useful for checking images quickly in the field and taking test shots. You can strap it up, turn it on, walk in front and then immediately and easily check when the camera triggered and the field of view. The 6210MC has a slightly smaller screen but still performs the same role, and also acts as a useful viewfinder.

Roe deer on Ltl Acorn 5210a

You’ll also notice the unique sensor design – if you were to look inside the Ltl Acorn cameras you’d see not one IR sensor (as is the norm), but two. The top sensor faces forwards and is the main sensor. The bottom sensor is funneled into the two side facing ‘prep sensors’.

These sensors ‘prepare’ the camera in advance, so that when the animal approaches the main sensor and triggers the camera, you get optimal footage or images of the animal. This is demonstrated well with the fox picture above. Of course, a lot depends on the animal walking in the way you want it to!

All in all a  great place to start with camera traps, and you’ll be impressed with the results. If you’re not sure what’s best to go for, just get in touch; we’ve been helping people to choose the right camera trap for them for years.

• 44 Infrared Leds
• 850nm IR Range – 30m max. (25m max for wide angle lens version)
• 940nm IR Range – 15m max. (10m max for wide angle lens version)
• Motion Sensor Trigger Range – 20m max.
• LCD Screen – 2″
• Lens Field of View – 52 degrees (100 degrees on the wide angle lens version – 6310WMC & 6310WMG)
• 5MP Photos (interpolated to 12MP)
• Video Resolution – 1440×1080 (15fps), 1280×720 (30fps), 640×480 (30fps)
• 3 Motion Sensor Sensitivity Level Settings
• SD Card Required – 32G max.
• Trigger Time – 0.8 seconds (manufacturer spec)
• Trigger Interval Setting
• Video Length Setting
• Record Photos, Video or both
• Time Stamp – on/off
• 2 Timers (for recording only between certain times of day)
• Timelapse Mode (i.e. take a photo once every minute)
• Password Protection
• Serial Number Setting
• SD Recycle – on/off
• Requires AA Batteries (4 minimum, 12 maximum)
• Weatherproof (IP54)
• External antennae: Yes
• FCC, CE & ROHS Certificated

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