Browning Strike Force Pro XD (Clearance)

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  • Customer returned item – see below
  • Dual lens technology
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Tiny size – half that of an average camera trap
  • 0.2 second trigger speed
  • Long-range IR flash
  • Fantastic all-round camera

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Our favourite features…

3T - 2017 Browning Strike Force Pro HD trail camera


Browning Strike Force Pro XD…
This is a customer returned item. It is boxed, has not been used and comes with the original strap and 2 year warranty. The instruction manual is missing, but this can be downloaded here.

The Browning Strike Force Pro XD camera trap builds on the highly successful Strike Force HD Pro. It has 24MP photos, full 1080p HD video with extremely fast trigger speeds and innovative dual lens technology.

The Strike Force series has always been one of Browning’s flagship ranges – and this new iteration suggests that will continue.

The most exciting new feature is the dual lens technology the Strike Force Pro XD has – a custom tuned daytime lens to produce razor sharp daylight images, while the dedicated low light camera lens takes incredibly clear night images. No more compromise between the two.

It also has a few things that set it apart from other standard cameras. Just from looking at it, it’s obvious this camera is tiny compared to others. It’s about half the size of your average trail camera. And within that small size there is also a 1.5″ colour screen.

The LEDs are low-glow and have an impressive max. range of about 120ft, thanks to a new design of IR emitters. That’s a very big flash range. Looking at the camera, you’ll see just 4 LEDs. These have an insane range and this innovation from Browning has the potential to revolutionise how we think about IR LEDs on camera traps. It was introduced on the last year’s Strike Force HD Pro, and its good to see it on the new Pro XD.

The camera has a setting which allows you to tweak the flash based on your requirements; Power Save, Fast Motion or Long Range. The Browning Strike Force Pro XD can detect movement out to about 80ft.

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The forward-facing 1.5″ colour screen not only lets you view the images/videos captured, but is invaluable during set up as it shows exactly what the camera can see – so if you’ve set it too high, a look at the screen will tell you and you can then adjust.

The Strike Force Pro XD also has another exciting feature from Browning; ‘Smart IR Video’ – this means that the camera will continue recording video footage for up to 2 minutes during the daytime and up to 20 seconds at night as long as the wildlife/people continue to move in front of the camera. So if you’re worried about video length vs. battery life, this feature takes that concern off your hands. It just records when there is something to record. So far, this feature appears to work extremely well.

Another useful feature (and one we love to play with) on the Strike Force Pro XD is Rapid Fire mode for images, which can take up to 8 images at 0.3 seconds apart per trigger event, and multi-shot mode, which takes up to 8 images at 3 second intervals.

The Browning Strike Force Pro XD is powered by 6x AA batteries (not provided), and has the ability to use an SD card up to 512GB – unprecedented in camera trapping. We’re not sure if you’ll ever need that amount, but it’s nice to have the option of using a 64GB card for long-term monitoring, or if you don’t want to keep deleting captures from your SD card.

In all, the feature list for this camera are pretty amazing. It’s suitable for almost any setup and delivers high quality results.

The Browning Strike Force Pro XD is supplied with a 2 year warranty when bought through NatureSpy. Browning are an American company; but if anything goes wrong with your camera, we’ll deal with all warranty returns here in the UK. We’ll never ask you to send your Browning camera trap direct to the manufacturer.

Browning Strike Force Pro XD Features:


  • 24MP images (interpolated)
  • Dual Camera Lens Technology – one lens for daytime and one for night, ensuring crisp images and clear video
  • 1.5” Color View Screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Videos with Sound (5 sec. – 2 min. length (limited to 20 seconds per clip at night, 2 mins day))
  • 0.15 Second Trigger Speed
  • 0.5 Second Picture Recovery Time
  • 120 ft. Flash Range
  • 4 new low-glow IR emitters
  • Adjustable IR Flash Range (Power Save, Long Range, Fast Motion)
  • 80 ft. Detection Range
  • All-Steel Adjustable Tree Mounting Bracket
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card
  • Compact Case Size 4.25” x 3.25” x 2.5”
  • Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with IR Triggered Images
  • Long battery life from 6 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Up to 8 Multi Shot Images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
  • Smart IR Video
  • SD Card Management – so when the SD card gets full, it rewrites over the oldest images/videos
  • Weather proof
  • 2 year warranty when bought through NatureSpy
  • Camo Finish
  • 12 volt External Power Jack
  • Picture info bar displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID
  • Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • ¼” -20 Tripod Socket

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Why choose NatureSpy for the Browning Strike Force Pro XD camera trap review

Browning Strike Force Pro XD – Our Rating:Browning Strike Force Pro XD trail camera review


The Browning Strike Force Pro XD adds innovation and ingenuity to the Strike Force Series. The first thing you’ll notice is the tiny size – about half that of a standard camera trap – and the fact it has not one, but two camera lenses…

This is a first for Browning this year – one lens is tailored towards day images and the other night – making the quality better on both counts.

It also continues to use a new kind of LEDs introduced on some models in 2017 to give really strong IR flash range at night. This Strike Force model has low-glow LEDs, and is otherwise the same as the Dark Ops Pro XD. These low-glow LEDs make it better suited to wildlife-only setups, rather than security. Read more about the LEDs further below.

Trigger speeds are outstanding – at around 0.2 seconds for photos, and 0.4 seconds for videos – to be this fast for both types of trigger is very impressive, and few cameras come close to this, particularly for video triggers.

Video quality is improved at 1080p – though maybe not quite as good as the Recon Force cameras. This camera is particuarly great if you’re after photos; it won’t give you anything like DSLR quality of course, but it is great at capturing all manner of daytime and night time activity, and with minimal motion blur at night.

The build quality and overall design of the camera is exceptional, with a 1.5″ forward-facing colour screen to help with set up and so you can review images/videos without dismounting the camera in the field. It also has a great little steel bracket which the camera can pivot off for better positioning – if you’re used to fiddling around the get your camera trap positioned right, this makes things much easier!

The Strike Force Pro XD is also straight-forward to use – uncomplicated, without a vast array of settings, but quick and simple.

Due to it’s 9V power system, night time videos are limited to 20 seconds per clip. However, if activity remains, the camera can recover in just under 2 seconds and record another 20 second clip. The warranty length in the UK through NatureSpy is 2 years.

This camera is a great little all-rounder and a genuine pleasure to use – we give the Browning Strike Force Pro XD an 8 out of 10.

Read more of our review below…

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Browning Strike Force Pro XD trail camera features review

Video quality
Max res: 1080p (60fps day, 60fps night)   Max length: 2mins day, 20 secs night
Trigger speed: about 0.4 seconds   Recovery time: about 1.1 seconds

Night videos on this camera trap are really good for such a small and affordable unit. The flash range is great and the trigger speeds mean you rarely miss anything at all. Contrast is good and you’re never left wanting.

Daytime videos have vastly improved this year compared to the Strike Force HD Pro – this was always a weakness before. The bump in resolution to 1080p and increase to 60fps for both day and night is great.

The Strike Force Pro XD has two video resolution settings; ‘High’ and ‘Ultra’. The Ultra resolution is uncompressed 1080p HD video. The only drawback here is the larger file sizes generated with this setting. If you want to use the Ultra setting, an SD card of at least 32GB is recommended, with a 1 minute daytime clip being around 376MB in size.

We generally use the camera on the High resolution – the quality isn’t really much different at all and it relieves the pressure on the SD Card.

The Strike Force Pro XD also records audio which is of pretty good quality, similar to that on other similar priced camera traps.

As with all Browning cameras, exposure control at night is also fantastic, with the Strike Force instantly adjusting to maintain the correct light levels.

It also has ‘Smart IR Video’ – with this turned on, the camera will continue recording up to 2 mins in the day and 20 seconds at night if activity remains. This can be quite useful – for example, if you set the video length to 10 seconds and Smart IR video on and a badger stops to have a big scratch in front of the camera, it will continue record until either the badger is gone or the maximum video time is reached. And if the badger just runs past, then you just get a 10 second video – not wasting any batteries or SD card space.

Photo quality
Max res: 24MP interpolated (lowest 4MP)   Max number per trigger: 8 photos
Trigger speed: about 0.15 seconds   Recovery time: about 0.4 seconds

Photo quality is solid on the Strike Force Pro XD. This is where the dual lenses start to come in – Browning call this their ‘Dual Lens Technology’. One lens is custom-tuned purely for daytime shots, and the other for low-light to take clearer night time images.

Night time shots are good on this unit, helped by the low-glow LEDs. Whilst these LEDs glow red at night when the camera is triggered, it means that the camera has 30% more IR light to work with compared to no-glow LEDs. Therefore, the shutter speed can be slightly faster, meaning less motion blur in comparison. A good camera position is important to help this further.

We generally like to use the photo mode with ‘Rapid Shot’ and 8 images. This gives 2-8 images per trigger (pre-set by the user), at 0.2 seconds apart. This results in an almost stop-motion animation sequence which can be vary rewarding. The Multi-shot mode gives up to 2-8 images at 2 seconds apart, which means longer sequences and is useful if you want to record behaviour. Alternatively, turn this modes off and the camera will just take 1 shot every time its triggered.

Trigger speed and detection
Trigger speed: approx. 0.15s (photos), 0.4s (videos)   Recovery speed: about 0.4s (photos) / 1.1s (videos)
Detection range: approx. 100ft   LED type: Low-Glow LEDs

The Strike Force Pro XD is certainly a fast camera, no doubt about it. There is no need to choose the mode based on the trigger speed you need – either is exceptionally fast. The camera just doesn’t seem to miss anything – you can get a feel for this on some of the examples.

These are among the fastest detection and recovery times available today, and Browning really seem to have cracked it. In the case of the Strike Force Pro XD, this makes it especially useful as a security camera.

This is a big deal because previously, if camera trapping fast animals, or something passed your camera quickly and you had it in video mode, you’d often catch the tail end or nothing at all, and therefore need to use photo mode. The Strike Force Pro XD lets you have the best of both worlds.

Photo triggers are slightly faster than videos, as always, and have really improved on last year’s Strike Force HD Pro – halving the trigger speed to a speedy 0.15 seconds. Quick is an understatement.

For videos, trigger speeds are about 0.4 seconds – to be this fast for both types of trigger is very impressive and few cameras come close to this, particularly for video triggers.

Recovery times are also very strong. This is the time the camera takes after finishing once capture to be ready to trigger again. The lowest ‘Delay’ setting is 1 second; however, that just tells the Browning to recover as fast as it possibly can. We have consistently found that the Browning will generally re-trigger in about 1.1 seconds for video, and well-under a second for photos.

Detection is amongst the best currently available. The detection angle is narrow, but means it can detect out to around 100ft. Due to the way PIR sensors work, it is best to place the camera so that animals will move across the sensor, rather than directly towards it.

Build quality & batteries
Warranty: 2 years (through NatureSpy)   Batteries: 6x AA (Lithium recommended)

Browning Strike Force Pro XD BTC 6PXD review uk metal bracket

We loved the Dark Ops and Strike Force HD Pro designs last year, at this new model builds on those nicely. The camera is sturdy, well-constructed and feels good in the hand.

One of our favourite things from last year’s designs, and something that customer’s also feedback to us, is the metal bracket on the back of the camera – and its great to see that on this new Pro XD model. This allows you to strap it up – with the metal teeth gripping the tree/fencepost – and then tilt the camera down to whatever level required. It means an end to finding the perfect tree, or wrestling with sticks behind the camera. It’s quick, easy, and very well though out.

Battery life is exceptional on the Strike Force Pro XD, particularly if you use Lithium batteries. It requires 6x AA batteries at a time. Generally, you can expect around 11 months battery life for photos (taking around 60 pictures every 24 hours) and about 4-5 months for video (taking around 20 videos every 24 hours). This will obviously vary depending on how active and how long each video is, and if there are more night shots than day. We’ve found that this camera is excellent on battery life, and one of the best available.

Browning cameras in general have been also very reliable for us and are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty in the UK when bought through NatureSpy.

Ease of use
The Browning Strike Force Pro XD is certainly easy to use. When turned on, you’re presented with an overview screen showing a view of what the camera can currently see and what it is set to take. It shows the files recorded and the space remaining at a glance. If you don’t press any button within 10 seconds (to access the menu etc) the camera arms itself and is ready to go.

This forward-facing colour screen is extremely useful – you can strap the camera up, then use the screen (coupled with the metal bracket) to perfect the positioning. Its also very handy when you want to review the images/videos captured without taking the SD card out and using a computer/tablet etc – just open the door and have a quick check – useful if out and about, or a sneaky look before you head to work!

It is a small screen, at 1.5 inches, but actually still easy to use. You don’t find yourself squinting to read it and the text is nice and bold.

There are three main modes; Trail Cam (photos only), Video, and Timelapse Plus. Most of the time, you’ll be using either photos or videos. The timelapse function only works during the day – and with timelapse plus, you can have photos taken at set intervals plus the camera will trigger day and night based on any detections.

There is also a ‘Motion Test’ feature, like most camera traps have, where a test light on the front will blink when it detects you. You can use this to find the right distances or angles and it can help with setting up the Spec Ops Extreme in the best place possible.

Overall a very straight-forward camera trap to use, but if you do require any help or have any questions you can just get in touch with us.

If you’ve found our review useful, please consider supporting our work and purchasing your next camera trap from us.

Browning Trail Cameras are an American-based camera trap manufacturer with a growing reputation. They’ve innovated fast and won loyal customers across the pond – and its easy to see why. We’re proud to be a main UK distributor.

The current range from Browning builds on their successes, pushing the boundaries and improving every time. The Recon Force Edge and Spec Ops Edge have some of the best video quality we’ve ever seen on a camera trap; comfortably beating the previous leaders, Bushnell.

Browning say that you can watch their 1080p footage back on a 60 inch TV and not lose clarity – and we can see what they mean. Add excellent video trigger times (which are always slower than photo triggers) of about 0.3 seconds, and you can start to see why we’re so excited about these trail cameras. You can see videos for the product you’re viewing on the ‘Example video’ tab or in the ‘Our Review’ section.

We’re currently using Browning trail cameras on a number of NatureSpy projects – in Croatia (bear, wolf and lynx), Northern France (wolf and lynx) and of course the North York Moors (pine marten). We also work with a number of large environmental organisations and charities around the world also using Browning trail cameras.

2017 Browning Spec Ops Extreme camera trap uk review

Photo quality is also generally good, though differs throughout the range. Trigger times again are strong. All models also have Multi-Shot and Rapid-Fire modes, which give you control and choice over what you want your camera to do when taking photos.

Many models also have built-in, forward facing colour screens and a host of smart features and simple set ups to make camera trapping that bit easier and convenient. Add this all together with the excellent price and it can be difficult to look beyond a Browning wildlife camera trap.

And as NatureSpy are an official UK distributor, you’re fully covered by our 2 year warranty and if in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we’ll deal with it entirely in the UK.

If you need to have a chat about Browning or any other camera trap, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Key Features:


Model: Browning Strike Force Pro XD (BTC‐5PXD)


Camera Features:


24MP Images
Dual Camera Lens Technology
1.5” Color View Screen
1920×1080 Full HD Videos with Sound (5 sec.‐ 2 min. Length)
Lightning Fast 0.15 Second Trigger Speed
Incredible 0.4 Second Picture Recovery Time
Adjustable Flash Range Up to 120ft (Power Save, Long Range, Fast Motion)
80 ft. Detection Range
All‐Steel Adjustable Tree Mounting Bracket
Support up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (Not Included)
Compact Case Size 4.25” x 3” x 2.5”
Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with IR Triggered Images
Long battery Life from 6 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Up to 8 Multi Shot Images
Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
SD Card Management
Smart IR Video Feature
Highly Effective Camo Finish
12 Volt External Power Jack
Picture Info Bar Displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID
Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min. Length)
¼” ‐20 Tripod Socket
Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software
2 year warranty through NatureSpy

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