Browning Strike Force HD Pro X

Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 26 customer ratings
(26 customer reviews)


  • Current, up-to-date model
  • New version of highly popular Strike Force HD Pro
  • 1600 x 900p HD video
  • Tiny size – half that of an average camera trap
  • 0.15 second trigger speed
  • Long-range IR flash
  • Fantastic all-round camera
This model is out of stock due to component shortages. Alternatively, get the next model up for the same price here; Browning Strike Force Pro XD

Why choose NatureSpy for the Browning Strike Force HD Pro X camera trap review

Browning Strike Force HD Pro X – Our rating:Browning Strike Force HD Pro X trail camera review


The Browning Strike Force HD Pro X packs a lot of punch into a small package, and builds on the success of the 2017 version.

It uses the new kind of LEDs to give really strong IR flash range at night.

Trigger speeds are improved too – at around 0.15 seconds for photos, and 0.45 seconds for videos – to be this fast for both types of trigger is impressive, and few cameras come close to this – especially in this price range.

Video quality is also improved at 900p – its smooth and clear, with excellent IR flash range at night and exposure balance.

The build quality and overall design of the camera is very good, with a 1.5″ forward-facing colour screen to help with set up and so you can review images/videos without dismounting the camera in the field. It also has a great little steel bracket which the camera can pivot off for better positioning – if you’re used to fiddling around the get your camera trap positioned right, this makes things much easier!

Due to its 9V power system, night time videos are limited to 20 seconds per clip. However, if activity remains, the camera can recover in under 2 seconds and record another 20 second clip. The warranty length in the UK through NatureSpy is 2 years.

We’ve been really enjoying this camera – its quick, great on batteries, the video is good especially at night (though not as good as the Recon Force Advantage), it improves on the previous version in all the right areas and its just fun to use too. We give it 8 out of 10.

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Browning Strike Force HD Pro X trail camera features review

Video quality
Max res: 900p (30fps day, 24fps night)   Max length: 2mins day, 20 secs night
Trigger speed: about 0.45 seconds   Recovery time: about 1.1 seconds

This is one of the most noticeable improvements on the previous version, especially on the night videos – really strong flash range with no over-exposure. The trigger speed is also great on the Strike Force HD Pro X – well demonstrated by the fox video below. That kind of speed at that kind of distance, through trees, is really impressive.

The video quality is just under 1080p at 900p. Lots of manufacturer’s would have artificially boosted this to 1080p to attract attention but we love the fact that Browning have a more ‘do what it says on the tin’ approach, so you know what you can expect rather than be disappointed.

Day videos are better than the last version of the camera, but the colour on these videos is not at the level of some higher end trail camera and does vary depending on light conditions.

The audio quality has improved and is good enough to hear bird song in the background and pick up smaller sounds, as well as any sounds made by whatever has triggered the wildlife camera.

Photo quality
Max res: 20MP (lowest 4MP)   Max number per trigger: 8 photos
Trigger speed: about 0.15 seconds   Recovery time: about 0.6 seconds

The night photo quality in particular is very strong on this model – great contrast and flash range, coupled with the very fast triggers, is a winning combination. There is barely any motion blur on fast moving subjects too.

Daytime imagery is ok, but its safe to say the HD Pro X leans towards night quality. The colour during the day is a little washed out, although does change quite a lot depending on the light conditions. As with all trail cameras, the HD Pro X is using interpolation to boost the image size, which in turn degrades quality. We recommend using the photo mode on its lowest resolution setting for best results.

However, the camera can fire off shots incredibly quickly and you’re never left wanting in terms of speed. The photo quality is always comfortably good enough to see what triggered the camera trap. The Rapid Fire photo mode is particularly fun to play with, taken up to 8 shots per trigger at 0.2 seconds apart – great for fast moving animals.

Trigger speed and detection
Trigger speed: approx. 0.15s (photos), 0.4s (videos)   Recovery speed: about 0.6s (photos), 1.1s (videos)
Detection range: approx. 90ft   LED type: Low-Glow LEDs

This detection circuit is top-notch, simply put. Its super quick in photo mode and the video trigger is still one of the best available. Detection range is great too and it rarely feels like you’re missing anything at all. Both photo and video modes don’t result in that ‘wish it had triggered earlier’ feeling.

Recovery speeds are right up there as well. This is the time the camera takes after finishing one capture to be ready to trigger again. The lowest ‘Delay’ setting is 1 seconds; however, that just tells the Browning Strike Force HD Pro X to recover as fast as it possibly can. We have consistently found that the Browning will generally re-trigger in just over a second for video, and under a second for photos.

The detection angle roughly matches the camera’s field of view too on the HD Pro X, so that anything steps in frame will trigger the trail camera.

Build quality & batteries
Warranty: 2 years (through NatureSpy)   Batteries: 6x AA (Lithium strongly recommended)

We love the design of this camera. Really strong build with some great little features. And smaller than the average camera trap.

One of our favourite things, and something that customer’s also feedback to us, is the metal bracket on the back of the camera. This allows you to strap it up – with the metal teeth gripping the tree/fencepost – and then tilt the camera down to whatever level required. It means an end to finding the perfect tree, or wrestling with sticks behind the camera. It’s quick, easy, and very well though out.

Battery life is strong on the Strike Force HD Pro X, particularly if you use Lithium batteries. It requires 6x AA batteries at a time. Generally, you can expect an improved 12 months battery life for photos (taking around 60 pictures every 24 hours) and about 3-4 months for video (taking around 20 videos, 20 seconds in length every 24 hours). This will obviously vary depending on how active the camera is and how long each video is, if there are more night shots than day, and is based on using Lithium batteries. This is one of the most battery-efficient trail cameras available today, and up there with the best available.

Browning trail cameras have been also very reliable for us and are covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty in the UK when bought through NatureSpy.

Ease of use

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro HD Pro X is certainly easy to use. When turned on, you’re presented with an overview screen showing a view of what the camera can currently see and what it is set to take. It shows the files recorded and the space remaining at a glance. If you don’t press any button within 10 seconds (to access the menu etc) the camera arms itself and is ready to go.

This forward-facing colour screen is extremely useful – you can strap the camera up, then use the screen to perfect the positioning. Its also very handy when you want to review the images/videos captured without taking the SD card out and using a computer/tablet etc – just open the door and have a quick check – useful if out and about, or a sneaky look before you head to work!

It is a small screen, at 1.5 inches, but actually still easy to use. You don’t find yourself squinting to read it and the text is nice and bold.

There are three main modes; Trail Cam (photos only), Video, and Timelapse Plus. Most of the time, you’ll be using either photos or videos. The timelapse function works only during the day – and with timelapse plus, you can have photos taken at set intervals plus the camera will trigger day and night based on any detections.

There is also a ‘Motion Test’ feature, like most camera traps have, where a test light on the front will blink when it detects you. You can use this to find the right distances or angles and it can help with setting up the Strike Force HD Pro X in the best place possible.

Overall a very straight-forward camera trap to use, but if you do require any help or have any questions you can just get in touch with us.

If you’ve found our review useful, please consider supporting our work and purchasing your next camera trap from us.

Product Description

Browning why choose NatureSpy


Our favourite features…

3T - 2019 Browning Strike Force Pro HD X trail camera

Browning Strike Force HD Pro X


Building on the highly successful Strike Force HD Pro, the new Browning Strike Force HD Pro X trail camera offers improved 20MP photos, 900p HD video, a very fast trigger speed and a host of other exciting features.

The previous Strike Force HD Pro has always been one of Browning’s flagship cameras – and this new iteration suggests that will continue.

The Strike Force HD Pro X has the things that made the previous version great, and builds on them well. Just from looking at it, it’s obvious this camera is tiny compared to others – it’s about half the size of your average trail camera. And within that small size there is also a 1.5″ colour screen.

Trigger speeds have also improved, down to 0.15 seconds for photos, and recovery speed is now at 0.6 seconds – in essence, this is an extremely quick trail camera.

The Pro X uses the new style of low-glow IR emitters, and have an impressive max. range of about 120ft. That’s a very big flash range. Looking at the camera, you’ll see just 4 LEDs. These have an insane range and this innovation from Browning has revolutionised how we think about IR LEDs on camera traps. They are also far more power efficient than the standard IR LEDs on other camera traps.

The camera has a setting which allows you to tweak the flash based on your requirements; Power Save, Fast Motion or Long Range. The Browning Strike Force HD Pro X can detect movement out to about 80ft.

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The forward-facing 1.5″ colour screen not only lets you view the images/videos captured, but is invaluable during set up as it shows exactly what the camera can see – so if you’ve set it too high, a look at the screen will tell you and you can then adjust.

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro X also has the excellent; ‘Smart IR Video’ – this means that the camera will continue recording video footage for up to 2 minutes during the daytime and up to 20 seconds at night as long as the wildlife/people continue to move in front of the camera. So if you’re worried about video length vs. battery life, this feature takes that concern off your hands. It just records when there is something to record. This feature appears to work extremely well in many scenarios – if a fox trots passed and is gone after 4 seconds, it means you get 5-6 seconds of video rather than 20 seconds, saving SD Card space and battery power.

Another useful feature on the Browning Strike Force HD Pro X is Rapid Fire mode for images, which can take up to 8 images at 0.3 seconds apart per trigger event, and multi-shot mode, which takes up to 8 images at 3 second intervals.

The Browning Strike Force HD Pro X is powered by 6x AA batteries (not provided), and now has the ability to use an SD card up to 512GB – unprecedented in camera trapping. We’re not sure if you’ll ever need that amount, but it’s nice to have the option of using a 64GB card for long-term monitoring, or if you don’t want to keep deleting captures from your SD card.

In all, the feature list for a camera this price are pretty amazing. It’s suitable for almost any setup and delivers high quality results.

The Browning Strike Force HDPro X is supplied with a 2 year warranty when bought through NatureSpy. Browning are an American company; but if anything goes wrong with your camera, we’ll deal with all warranty returns here in the UK. We’ll never ask you to send your Browning camera trap direct to the manufacturer.

Browning Strike Force HD Pro X Features:


  • 20MP high-quality full colour resolution
  • HD Video – 1600 x 900 pixels
  • 1.5″ colour viewing screen
  • Smart IR video detection system
  • ‘Zero-blur’ technology – ensuring crisp photos
  • Day/night autosensor
  • 4 new low-glow infrared LEDs with 120′ range
  • 0.15 second trigger speed (photos), with 0.6 second recovery
  • Programmable trigger interval: 1 sec. to 60 min.
  • Rapid Fire & Multi-shot image mode: 2-8 images per trigger
  • Video length: 1 second to 2 mins (night time video limited to 20 seconds)
  • Records audio with video
  • Highly programmable time-lapse periods
  • PIR sensor is motion activated out to 80′
  • Adjustable 6ft web belt and 1/4-20 socket, with in-built steel bracket for easy adjustment
  • SD card slot (512 GB max.)
  • SD cycle option – so when the SD card gets full, it rewrites over the oldest images/videos
  • Weather proof
  • 2 year warranty when bought through NatureSpy

For full specs, click the tab above.

Browning Trail Cameras are an American-based camera trap manufacturer with a growing reputation. They’ve innovated fast and won loyal customers across the pond – and its easy to see why. We’re proud to be a main UK distributor.

The current range from Browning builds on their successes, pushing the boundaries and improving every time. The Recon Force Edge and Spec Ops Edge have some of the best video quality we’ve ever seen on a camera trap; comfortably beating the previous leaders, Bushnell.

Browning say that you can watch their 1080p footage back on a 60 inch TV and not lose clarity – and we can see what they mean. Add excellent video trigger times (which are always slower than photo triggers) of about 0.3 seconds, and you can start to see why we’re so excited about these trail cameras. You can see videos for the product you’re viewing on the ‘Example video’ tab or in the ‘Our Review’ section.

We’re currently using Browning trail cameras on a number of NatureSpy projects – in Croatia (bear, wolf and lynx), Northern France (wolf and lynx) and of course the North York Moors (pine marten). We also work with a number of large environmental organisations and charities around the world also using Browning trail cameras.

2017 Browning Spec Ops Extreme camera trap uk review

Photo quality is also generally good, though differs throughout the range. Trigger times again are strong. All models also have Multi-Shot and Rapid-Fire modes, which give you control and choice over what you want your camera to do when taking photos.

Many models also have built-in, forward facing colour screens and a host of smart features and simple set ups to make camera trapping that bit easier and convenient. Add this all together with the excellent price and it can be difficult to look beyond a Browning wildlife camera trap.

And as NatureSpy are an official UK distributor, you’re fully covered by our 2 year warranty and if in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we’ll deal with it entirely in the UK.

If you need to have a chat about Browning or any other camera trap, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Key Features:


Model: Browning Strike Force HD Pro X (BTC-5HDPX)
20MP Camera
1.5” Color Viewing Screen
Infrared LED Illumination at Night
Adjustable IR Flash (Power Save, Long Range, Fast Motion)
1600 x 900p HD videos with sound (Daytime Settings Range from 5 Seconds – 2 Minutes in Length; Nighttime Videos are Limited to 20 Seconds)
Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with Infrared Triggered Pictures
Very small size
Supports up to a 512GB SDXC Card (SD Cards Not Included)


Distance & Speed Features:


120 ft. Flash Range
80 ft. Detection Range
0.15 Second Trigger Speeds
0.6 Second Recovery Time
Up to 8 Multi-Shot Images
Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
Programmable Picture Delay (Delay Settings Range from 5 Seconds – 60 Minutes)



Additional Features:


SD Card “Memory Management” Option
“Smart IR” Video Detection System
Long Battery Life from 6x AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
12 Volt External Power Jack
Picture “Data Strip” Displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, & Camera ID
Camo Finish
Compatible with Browning “BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer” Software
Threaded Insert Size of 1/4” – 20 on Bottom of Camera for Mounting Purposes

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4.85 out of 5 stars

26 reviews

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23 reviews with a 5-star rating

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry P. (verified owner)

    My husband bought this for me. It is a small camera which is very easy to set up and use. The battery consumption is good. I use it for nighttime videos of wildlife in my garden. I am currently getting 60 or so clips as we are hosting two vixens with four cubs as well as a number of hedgehogs. The pictures are very clear and are easy to download to my pc. I am delighted with the trail camera and recommend it highly.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not had it very long yet, so am still getting to grips with finding the best settings, but I’m loving it already. It’s very simple to use and the quality of both the stills and videos is excellent. I’ve suspected for a while that we’ve been getting hedgehogs in the garden but I’ve never actually seen them until I set the camera up. I’m now looking forward to getting out and about in the field with it.
    Thanks NatureSpy for your friendly e-mail assistance in helping me to choose the model that would best suit my intended purposes.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    Fantastic photos and video

    Nigel Hurst (verified owner)

    Purchased this camera about a year agoon the back of poor cheeper cameras, and after some advice from staff. I use this in the garden for my hedgehogs and now more than anything on private land for badgers fox , deer to mention a few of the captures. Quality is superb, easy to use and battery life excellent both with single use battery and rechargeable.

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  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    Big improvement on Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor

    Andrew Heron (verified owner)

    I’ve now been using the Browning camera for three weeks, taking night videos of foxes at their feeding station. Range is only eight feet, but I’ve had no problems with over-exposure (and unlike the Bushnell this camera doesn’t start each video with three seconds of decreasing over-exposure in every situation). On the highest resolution the detail is superb: I thought the foxes looked different, eventually realised I could see their whiskers for the first time.

    I’m using new generation rechargeable batteries, the sort producing 1.5 volts instead of 1.2 : no problems at all.

    I think the recommended erasing and reformatting of the SD card before each use may be an essential, I was having some trouble getting the camera to start filming before I began doing this (in camera, not in the computer) and have had no difficulties since.

    Thank you to Nature Spy for providing so much information on the website, it made selection of the new camera really easy.

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  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Davis (verified owner)

    Excellent service from NatureSpy, the camera was delivered thy e day after I ordered it. I have had it monitoring my front garden for a week and it has already captured a fox, hedgehog and a stoat. The image quality is very good.
    The camera is very easy to set up and use.

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  6. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent Camera

    Anita (verified owner)

    Great camera and video, easy to follow instructions and to set up . The first night we used it we had great images of a fox which has been visiting the garden. Would highly recommend. Thank you for all your help when buying the camera.

    (0) (0)

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  7. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great product

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Worked as specified, straight out of the box

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  8. Rated 5 out of 5
    First three evenings and nights

    Lesley (verified owner)

    Hello Peter, You will be pleased to know that I am delighted with my camera, which was fairly easy to set up. As well as the squirrel and the fox which I already knew about I also got some shots of a good sized hedgehog. I am now going to try putting the camera in various other places in our large (150ft) garden to see what else I can find. I have not so far tried video but certainly will do in the future. Thank you for your excellent service.

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  9. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great trail camera

    Helen (verified owner)

    This camera was easy to set up, the instructions were very clear. It has given me some fantastic videos of foxes and badgers in my back garden. The pictures are so clear that I am now able to recognise individual animals when they return to the garden. The best video so far has to be a mum fox allowing her cub to suckle while she is trying to walk along! So impressed.

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  10. Rated 5 out of 5
    Harpenden garden.

    Peter (verified owner)

    This trailcam works well, picking up reasonable quality black and white videos and stills in infra-red mode, and colour in daylight. I was especially pleased to see nightly visits from hedgehogs. It is easy to set up and the in-camera settings work well. I was surprised to see dull red lights on the camera when taking videos at night. The foxes noticed it and were suspicious at first. Having done some research I now understand why, but if it was in the description, I missed it. However, it doesn’t put off any animals. My only negative comment is the strap buckle is a bit fiddly, and not so easy to tighten up, but it works.

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  11. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent camera

    Caroline (verified owner)

    I ordered a camera trap as I’ve had hedgehogs in my garden in the past and wanted to see if any were around this year. The evening of the day I ordered it I went outside around 9 pm and one wandered across in front of me! Still nice to have night time shots of it going to have a drink and of the birds and foxes that also use the drinking bowls. The camera is easy to set up and the extra info from NatureSpy very useful. The quality of both day and night time photos is very good and I’m delighted with my purchase. Delivery was fast and I would highly recommend NatureSpy to anyone wanting to find out more about wildlife in their garden.

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  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert (verified owner)

    Great little camera, good picture quality. Would be nice if it could be angled upwards as well as down as I use it on nest boxes so have to fashion a wedge.

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  13. Rated 5 out of 5
    Brilliant quality

    Suzanne (verified owner)

    Amazing camera, purchased for my husband’s birthday and he loves it. We all look forward to see what the camera has captured. Excellent customer service from Nature Spy. Highly recommended camera and company.

    (0) (0)

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  14. Rated 5 out of 5
    Browning Strike Force HD Pro X

    Darren (verified owner)

    In the short space of time that has passed since purchasing this camera, I have been very pleased with the quality results it has produced – used for recording Hedgehogs in the garden. Thanks to NatureSpy for a great service.

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  15. Rated 5 out of 5
    Badgers first time out!

    Stephen (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the Strike Force HD Pro. Setup was straightforward – clear instructions. We put it out the first evening we got it, in the woods behind our house. Next morning, super-delighted to see the over-night video capture of badgers. We knew they were there, but hadn’t managed to see them “in person”. To have the clear footage of 2 adult badgers tumbling, playing, going about their business – class. Hoping we’ll catch sight of cubs soon. We’re pleased with both nighttime and daytime image quality. A good purchase.

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  16. Rated 5 out of 5
    Browning Stike Force HD Pro X

    Wendy (verified owner)

    Excellent build quality camera purchased to video the hedgehog who comes to feed each night – works a treat

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  17. Rated 5 out of 5
    New user reflections

    Brian (verified owner)

    After a fair amount of research I decided to go with the HD Pro X to replace my existing wild life camera with the following experience. The build quality is impressive, I love the closure mechanism. Battery access is simple and secure. Once I read and understood the guide the set up and operation were simple and mostly intuitive, the guide tends to be a little overkill and a little confusing but if you are new to this sort of thing it may be helpful. Now to the important bit, the image quality is excellent, stills, video and night time shots and video are all very, very, good. I am pleased with the overall performance and I can see it being a great addition to my equipment. I can recommend this camera you will not be disappointed unlike some others I could mention. Have fun. Brian

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  18. Rated 5 out of 5
    Brilliant camera

    Colin (verified owner)

    Beautifully engineered with perfect pictures and videos. Decided never to bother with cheaper alternatives as there is no substitute for quality.

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  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim (verified owner)

    just set up new Browning strike force. Great instructions, clear and unambiguous delighted with camera support and service regards Jim

    (0) (0)

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  20. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent camera , first class service

    Rita (verified owner)

    I recently contacted NatureSpy to ask for advice on a camera , and received a very prompt and helpful reply. I purchased the camera recommended and am absolutely delighted with it. It is so easy to set up and use. I am confident that I can contact the staff for any advice. I am definitely so happy to recommend NatureSpy, their staff and their products.

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  21. Rated 5 out of 5
    Strike Force HD Pro X

    John (verified owner)

    (0) (0)

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  22. Rated 5 out of 5
    First Camera Trap

    Simon (verified owner)

    Previously used a Bushnell from our wildlife group, don’t know it’s age but the Strike Force is in a another league. Love the test feature and the angle adjustment. Plenty of options for set up and good clear screen. Like the split case front for access to controls etc. Looking forward to some cracking results!

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  23. Rated 5 out of 5
    Strike Force HD Pro X

    Sonjaa (verified owner)

    Can only say we are thrilled with our Browning Strike Force HD Pro X last night we captured a couple of shots of a fox right near to our hen house…..cheeky! I can see we are going to loads of fun discovering the wildlife on our property. Very easy to set up especially for people like us who are not technically minded and the results are excellent quality and really clear day and night Would highly recommend

    (0) (0)

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