Minox... At a Glance

We stock three Minox models; the DTC 390, DTC 450 and DTC 650; all having clever adaptions to set them apart from other camera trap brands.

All models come equipped with a MINOCTAR lens, enabling nearly distortion-free and excellent quality photos with perfectly sharp detail and contrast - 8MP ( DTC 650) and 12MP (DTC 450 & DTC 390) quality pictures and 1080p or 720p HD video footage.

Trigger speed is a little slower than other brands but still quick at less than a second.

Additional features of some models:

• A compact, affordable model with a good feature list (DTC 390)

• A super slim design (2.7cm thickness) with good camouflage – perfect for covert observation of wildlife or for security (DTC 450)

• 2″ LCD screen on the front of the camera enabling you to fine-tune the position the camera and review images and videos easily without having to take the camera down (DTC 450)

• Some models are capable of taking more photos per trigger; 9 (DTC 450) and 5 (DTC 650) - most other traps only do 3 images per trigger

• Encompass a highly reliable and intelligent passive infrared sensor

• Password protection for added security


Varies from around £100 to £250 and in our opinion are great value for money.

We use them...

... for general wildlife scouting or when a high-quality image is important.

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