Ltl Acorn... At a Glance

NatureSpy have used Ltl Acorn camera traps for a long time. Although the build quality isn't quite as good as with some other camera manufacturers, this is somewhat compensated by their versatility, excellent list of features and affordability; meaning they are an ideal place to start if you’re interested in camera trapping.

One of the best features of these camera traps is the 12MP images (after interpolation) from a 5MP sensor, which give a clarity that many other camera trap models don’t offer.

Video resolution is high across the range at 1080p HD - although the actual definition can be a little lower than in other HD cameras (for example from Bushnell).

Additional features of some models:

• Two separate configurable timers (5210 & 5310 series)

• All models have a built in colour screen for setup and viewing images/videos

• Wireless versions of most models available

• Unique sensor design - comprising of two IR sensors which help prepare the camera in advance, resulting in optimal timing of triggers

• Password protection for added security


Varies from around £100 to £155 - making them one of the most affordable on the market and a great place to start with camera traps.

We use them...

When after that perfect photo!

Pictures from our Ltl Acorn cameras have appeared in the Yorkshire PostThe Northern EchoBBC Wildlife Magazine and on ITV Calendar.

The two separate configurable timers are also great for us when setting out cameras in public areas where we don’t want the camera to be active at certain periods of the day.

You can see lots of camera trap images from NatureSpy’s Ltl Acorn cameras on our ‘Species Spied‘ pages.

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