What’s the difference with a wide-angle lens?

A couple of our camera trap models have the option of a wide-angle lens, as opposed to the standard lenses. But what do they do, and what’s the difference? Here are the pros and cons…


The standard lenses have a field of view of about 55 degrees. The wide-angle lenses however have a field of view of 100 degrees. A big difference!

The Ltl Acorn camera’s detection zone (i.e. the area in front of the camera where it will detect movement and trigger) is approximately 100 degrees. This means that with a wide-angle lens, every time an animal triggers the camera the animal will be inside the len’s field of view.

With a standard lens, the camera could potentially trigger and the animal would not be in the field of view.

Here is a comparison of almost exactly the same image; one taken with a 5310WA (wide-angle) and one with a 5210a (not wide-angle).

Ltl Acorn wide angle lens comparison

It’s immediately obvious that with the wide angle lens you get a lot more area in the picture – perfect if you want to make sure you cover as large an area as possible with the camera.

This sequence of three pictures actually resulted in the 5310WA capturing more pictures of the animal than the 5210a too.


Although the wide-angle lenses mean you’re more likely to get pictures of every animal that triggers the camera, there is also a slight drawback. Take a look at the image below (click for full size version).

Ltl Acorn wide angle lens comparison

The centre of the image is crisp, but notice the blur around the edges and slight under-exposure

It’s quite clear when you look at the image that around the edges there is blurring. The edges are also slightly darker and under-exposed.

This is very important to bear in mind if you’re considering a wide angle lens – if you just want to make sure you capture as many images of the animals that pass in front of your camera, then a wide angle may be the way to go. However, if you want to get images without any blur, then you should stick with the standard lens.


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