Spotting counterfeit Ltl Acorn camera traps

Unfortunately, counterfeit and knock-off Ltl Acorns have entered the market and are difficult to distinguish online. Large online retailers such as Amazon and eBay have even been infiltrated by them.

Counterfeit cameras are made cheaply with inferior components, and will not give you the results you expect. There are ongoing lawsuits in China against factories producing counterfeit Ltl Acorns, and 3 companies have the bought the rights to produce cameras using the Ltl Acorn design – however, these use old and lower quality components.

A company called Maginon was recently producing camera traps for sale at Aldi in the UK using this method, hence the very low price.

There are ways to tell that your Ltl Acorn camera is genuine.

NatureSpy use and sell only genuine Ltl Acorn camera traps and only use genuine and authorised suppliers. We make absolutely sure that the camera traps you buy from us are the real thing. Our advice is to be very careful using large online marketplaces like Amazon and especially ebay; if the camera price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

So how can you tell the difference? Fortunately, there are a few giveaways… However, bear in mind that some counterfeit producers could emulate some of the below. If you have a real Ltl Acorn camera trap however, it should pass all the below tests…

      1.  Branding

Ltl Acorn counterfeit knock off branding

Genuine Ltl Acorn have an embossed mark (left), whilst fakes do not (right)

One of the easiest and quickest things to check is at the bottom of the front of the camera, just below the passive infrared sensors. Real Ltl Acorns have an embossed mark, or logo, whilst the fakes do not.


      2.  Packaging

Ltl Acorn counterfeit knock off packaging

A real Ltl Acorn camera packaging on the left, showing Ltl Acorn logo on the top left of the box. The fake on the right doesn’t have a logo.

Although real Ltl Acorn boxes differ from model to model and depend on when the camera was made, the all carry an acorn logo and the words ‘Ltl Acorn’ on the front. Fake cameras generally do not.


      3.  ‘Splash’ screen

Ltl Acorn counterfeit knock off splash screen

A genuine Ltl Acorn has a picture of an Acorn when turned to test (left) – fakes do not (right).

When you turn a Ltl Acorn camera on to ‘Test’ mode, the screen shows a brief glimpse of an Acorn with a green background. Counterfeit cameras do not show this, generally presenting images of flowers or similar.


      4.  Bar code label and serial number

Ltl Acorn counterfeit knock off serial

One of NatureSpy’s genuine Ltl Acorn cameras showing model number and serial number (partially erased to protect it)

All original Ltl Acorn camera traps have a barcode with a serial number unique to the camera and the camera’s model number. So if you have a Ltl Acorn 5210a, it will show this model number and then the serial number, underneath a barcode. The serial number in the picture above has been partially obscured.

Counterfeit cameras do sometimes carry barcodes with numbers below them, but they usually do not have the correct model number.


      5.  Setup screen

Ltl Acorn counterfeit knock off setup screen

A genuine Ltl Acorn setup screen on the left, and a fake camera on the right.

Ltl Acorn setup screens all follow roughly the same style, and genuine camera traps can be identified in this way from counterfeits.


So – if your camera passed all those tests, then you have a genuine Ltl Acorn camera trap!

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