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Our favourite trail cameras

We often get asked by customers 'Which camera traps do NatureSpy use?' - well the below are some of the NatureSpy staff favourite camera traps.

Our project staff use these cameras pretty much every single day - whether its looking for pine marten in Yorkshire, wolves in Croatia, lynx in France, hedgehogs in the back garden... the list goes on.

Many of them are also used by some of the large wildlife organisations we work with globally.

Below are our top picks for camera traps to suit all budgets, which have been chosen based on their usability, results and cost-effectiveness. If you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our staff's favourite trail cameras...

 A fantastic new camera for 2021, and all our staff's favourite - the best video and audio quality available on any wildlife camera, with fast triggers, a colour screen and easy to use. 

One of our favourite wildlife cameras that we use the world over. Great video, audio, robust, easy to use - what's not to like?
A new, innovative Browning camera which replaces the previously popular Strike Force HD Pro. Fast, small, and great night videos
The entry-level Bushnell - great video quality and sensitivity at an affordable price

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