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Bestselling Camera Traps

We'd like to think that we know our stuff, and so we often get asked about the bestselling camera traps in the industry. Although this isn't always the best way to choose one that suits your needs, we understand that popularity is often important.

So, we've collated a list of the bestselling camera traps, as of September 2019. The list is updated monthly, so please keep checking back for more! (Newly released or out of stock camera traps may not show below for this reason.)

Below are our customers' favourite camera traps...


Browning's best-ever wildlife camera and building on the previous version, its video & audio is better than any other camera and is a NatureSpy staff favourite


Browning's upgraded 2019 Strike Force is raising eyebrows at NatureSpy - a very impressive little camera


The no-glow version of the Strike Force above; great for wildlife + security, with discreet size and high quality night imagery


The new version of the discontinued E2, this camera has unsurprisingly been popular given the success of the previous model. Improved detection range and photo resolution continue this series' reputation


Bushnell's new Core DS cameras offer fantastic video quality, big improvements on night definition and a host of other improvements


The low-glow Bushnell flagship, with 1080p HD video and high sensitivity. A sturdy wildlife camera with some of the fastest trigger speeds 


SpyPoint's Link-Micro makes high-quality, 4G cellular tech finally affordable. Great detection ranges and fast photo transmission to the cloud


The no-glow Bushnell Aggressor, with 1080p HD video and fast trigger speeds. Great for wildlife + security situations

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Best camera trap - bestsellers

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