Best camera trap - bestsellers

Camera traps - bestsellers

We often get asked what the most popular cameras are at the moment. 

Although that isn't always the best way to choose the right one for you, we understand it can help.

So, below are the bestselling cameras so far in Jan-Feb 2018. The list is updated weekly.

Please bear in mind that newly released or out of stock camera traps may not show below immediately for this reason.

Below are our customer's favourite camera traps...


Now updated in March 2018 to the Recon Force Advantage - its video is better than any other camera, and its a NatureSpy staff favourite


The no-glow version of the Recon Force, and now updated to the Spec Ops Advantage. Great video quality and fast triggers


The new version of the discontinued E2, this camera has unsurprisingly been popular given the success of the previous model. Improved detection range and photo resolution continue this series' reputation


Browning's innovative tiny unit is extremely popular in the USA, and increasingly so in the UK too. An all-round performer with colour screen to boot


The wide-angle Ltl Acorn model is always popular - great for wildlife and security uses


Bushnell's new Aggressor - their best camera trap yet. 1080p smart video, fast triggers and good recovery times 


The no-glow version of the Strike Force, with all the same features - lightning fast, great on batteries


SpyPoint's affordable 4G wireless camera, with pre-activated SIM and free to use for the first 30 days

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Best camera trap - bestsellers

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