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The Best Camera Traps for Ecologists & Researchers

Becoming increasingly more popular for ecological monitoring and research purposes, some camera trap models are better for this than others. If you're looking to use a camera trap for research purposes, it can be very important to make the right choice as accuracy and reliability are key requirements.

We're very aware that researchers are also often on a tight budget, so you can find some trail cameras here for a low cost but still being a worthwhile investment.

Of course, a lot depends on what your research is based on; i.e. small mammals, identification of individual animals, occupancy studies - but the below should help you choose.

We have been providing camera traps to large institutions and organisations for years; including Oxford University, ZSL, WWF, Fauna & Flora International, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and many many more for uses as varied as tiger research, fox occupancy studies and rat populations on tropical islands.

If you would like to discuss your planned research with us so we can recommend the best options, please just get in touch.

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps for ecologists and research...

A high-end photo taking machine, that doesn't miss a thing with incredible battery life. The best available for research & ecology

 If you need to capture video, there is no better option - it also has extremely quick video trigger speeds, meaning you won't miss whatever passes by, and doesn't break the bank

A top all-round choice - blazing trigger speeds and fantastic battery life, with great quality video and photos. Trigger speed for photos is just 0.2 seconds and video not far behind.
Bushnell Trail Cameras have been popular choices for researchers for a long time, and the new models build on their reputation. Fast trigger speeds, good reliability and crystal clear images and videos mean they're a solid choice

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