Best camera trap for ecologists

The Best Camera Traps for Ecologists

Choosing the right camera for ecological surveys can be vitally important. These cameras will ensure you don't miss a thing, as they’re what we believe to be the best camera traps for ecologists.

However, certain cameras are better for certain species - so if you're after hedgehogs or badgers, some cameras will be better (and potentially more affordable) than others.

Other considerations are if you will need no-glow or low-glow LEDs - this is more dependent on the kind of site you are surveying, and whether you expect any people close to the camera traps.

If you would like to discuss your planned survey with us so we can recommend the best options, please just get in touch.

Below are our top recommendations for camera traps for ecologists...

A high-end photo taking machine, that doesn't miss a thing with incredible battery life. The best available for research & ecology

 The best camera for video (also with impressive stills) and doesn't break the bank. Quick trigger speeds meaning you're unlikely to miss anything, and reliable

The Bushnell Aggressors have been popular choices for ecologists for a long time, and the new models build on their reputation. Fast trigger speeds, good reliability and great images and videos mean they're a proven choice
A more affordable camera, with great quality night photos and videos, great battery life and fast triggers

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