Best camera trap for beginners

Camera traps for beginners

Camera traps are typically designed to be relatively straight-forward and user-friendly but some models are better for beginners. Here’s why:

• Many people don't want something too expensive to start out with

• Some cameras have less options than others, meaning they are easier to set-up

• If you're not too tech-savvy, higher-end cameras can have options that you may find confusing

Below are our top recommendations for camera trap beginners...

One of Bushnell's most popular cameras - great night time video and photos without breaking the bank

 A limited edition, affordable SpyPoint camera with great images & night videos and fast trigger speeds

An innovative Browning camera which is extremely popular in the USA; fast, small, great night videos
A timeless Ltl Acorn - great photos, decent video and a colour playback screen

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